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City of Naples Prevails

On April 15, 2013, the City of Naples, represented by Allen Norton & Blue, P.A., prevailed in an unfair labor practice proceeding before the Public Employees Relations Commission.  PERC issued a Final Order in Professional Firefighters of Naples, IAFF, Local 2174 v. City of Naples, which adopted the Hearing Officer’s favorable Recommended Order.  PERC held that the union committed an unfair labor practice by intentionally frustrating the statutory impasse process in an attempt to avoid finality in the collective bargaining process.  PERC also held that the City did not commit an unfair labor practice when it rejected the Union’s acceptance of its pension proposal and continued through the impasse process on the basis that the union had agreed in bad faith.  PERC’s decision is a significant victory for employers seeking to combat an increasingly common union tactic of agreeing to unfavorable bargaining proposals and rejecting them at ratification in an attempt to prolong collective bargaining negotiations.

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