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Why Choose ANB › Retainer Program

Why choose Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.? We are efficient, effective and experienced.

We are efficient because we tackle workplace issues before they become problems. We offer a unique retainer program that allows clients unlimited consultation on a variety of issues for a fixed fee per year. We can assist in establishing employment policies and handbooks that will protect our clients. We can audit, provide supervisor training, and create union avoidance campaigns.

We are effective not only because we help our clients avoid minefields, but because we are just as aggressive in the courtroom. We literally wrote the book on jury instructions. We are the state of Florida’s Chief Negotiator.

Our experience speaks for itself. Many of our partners have careers spanning three decades; six are among “The Best Lawyers in America.” The American Bar Association calls upon our attorneys to head professional committees and author journal articles. One sits on a judicial nominating committee. One leads the local bar association.