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Why Choose ANB

Why choose Allen Norton & Blue, P.A.? Not only are we recognized by our colleagues as Best Lawyers, we know the participants in the judicial and labor arenas. Our years of trials before jurors and other fact finding tribunals provide valuable insight in how employment decisions will be seen through the censorious eyes of a jury in the courtroom environment; an environment insulated from the time pressures and stress of the workplace.

Furthermore, our years of interaction with labor, provide not only unique insight into various approaches and personalities, it also establishes credibility and access that is only earned not given.

We not only know the law, we translate it into a practical solution for today’s myriad of workplace challenges. Anyone can recite laws and regulations and explain why something can not be done. We on the other hand, offer advice as to how it can be in conformity to the letter and spirit of the law.

We also know that workplace issues do not arise only between “normal” business hours and when they do arise they must often be addressed swiftly. Therefore, we are almost always accessible, because clients have our home phone, as well as our cell number.

Accessibility also means we must also be economically accessible. The low retainer fee is a key part of our litigation avoidance strategy as it encourages clients to contact our attorneys with questions on everyday matters that might otherwise go unasked if an additional fee were involved. Therefore, we also offer a unique retainer relations the annual fee for which is best equated to hours rate rather than months of billable time. There is no additional charge for any matter covered by the retainer. The Retainer Program includes the following:

  1. Unlimited telephone conferences with members of management regarding matters within our area of practice where no specific on-going issue is involved, i.e., employment discrimination issues, union organizing and collective bargaining, unfair labor practices, or other labor and employment matters.
  2. Review and answer all correspondence on the above subjects where there is no research involved.
  3. Periodic newsletters on subjects of interest to management in the area of labor relations.